Wearhacks, hackathon around wearable technology and IOT
Wearhacks promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and education in the Internet of Things and Wearable technology. Their fundamental goal is to bridge the knowledge gap that exists in the IoT industry amongst technology enthusiasts from all backgrounds through hackathon. They strive to make hardware education accessible, approachable, and affordable. For an intensive 48 hours, we learned new tools, meet industry experts, collaborate with talented students, young professionals and build new wearable and connected technology.


Context & brief
In this context, our team has developed Ami App, an application to depressed patients and health professionals, developed with Nuance technology (speak recognition). The team was composed of different backgrounds:  Nathaniel Kitzke, software engineer – Pei Sun, developer – Yusaira Khan, engineer – Michelle Yang, analyst – Maria Ginsburg, psychologist – Paul Cuciureau, community architect – David Rowley, manager.