Sound taste it’s an application which proposes to discover music and dish in a new way during your travel. Taste and sound are connected: select your destination, choose your taste playlist, listen to the music, discover the dish, and your place to eat. Enjoy the experience!


Context & brief
The goal was to explore the domain of food and explore multiples areas « from the spoon to the kitchen room ». The idea was to propose a new way of experiencing food in connection with the Millennials segment.


User & audience
The audience is related to Food & Travelers around this citation « la nourriture est l’essence du voyage ». The goal was to create a new way to discover food, by socializing, by sensing, by moving. It’s connected to specific users as a digital nomad, expat student or traveler.


Design process
The first step was to define a persona, result of real feedback of user, and build the product of Soundtaste around the deferents expectations. I decided to illustrate the product around the history of Nack, 31 years old who wants to make a road trip of 6 months through South America. Brazil is his next step for 3 weeks. Discovery, experience, encounter, and immersion are its key words. He wants to discover the country and food with a new approach, more by experience « immersive and sensitive travel ». After setting the context I developed the architecture of information, wireframe, and prototype.


User interface & design
Sountaste is an app developed by Spotify in collaboration with Youtube. The experience takes place in differents moments before, during and after the travel. First select your destination, the type of playlist you want to listen, for each song, a specific dish of the country is related to the video of a YouTuber, indicating the recipe, and place to eat.

«Soundtaste is an academic project with no objective of commercial exploration. All images and brands representing the proposed partners are used as an exercise and are the intellectual property of their respective owners.»