« Nebula a mobile, intelligent and responsible wireless connection in the home. » Nebula was developed during the Orange Contest 2015 and explore the domain of the WIFI connection in the home.


Context & brief
Nebula is composed of two distinct elements, kinds of hotspots routers, and a digital board. For the domestic environment, the heart of the digital revolution, it allows to visualize the network, analyze, evaluate daily digital consumption, and control the invisible, the wireless in the home. In digital democracy age, Nebula device offers more than a home connection, it enables readability and understanding of the network and uses. Family members become actors, and responsible for their digital life, from the youngest to the oldest.


User & audience
Each family members have assigned a hotspot, the recognition and startup is through gesture detection. Activated, it allows to connect to the home wireless, where, when and how long you want (possibility of parental lock for younger). It also serves as a indicator object for evaluating the connection time, data use, and daily use (identifies the connected objects : tablet / laptop / computer … ). With Nebula hotspots, wi-fi connection becomes more intelligent : mobile, controlled and adapted to everyone.


Design process
I worked on this project during tree weeks, developing in the first time the product part, with the digital screen and hotspot. Then I developed the user experience of the screen related to the hotspot. This project was developed in collaboration with the Studio 13gr.


User interface & design
Nebula needs to be accessible and spontaneous for each family members, but also a poetic device in the home, data is not only informative but also artistic. In fact, combined with Nebula hotspots, Nebula board, becomes a visualization and analysis tool. After use, hotspots recharge and exchange data via the Nebula board. It makes visual data use of family members, who can understand and manage their uses during the day. The information is materialized by colorful nebulae, with text and costed elements through a central display. It appears slowly and gently on the screen, making most sensitive digital data. The display is both poetic and didactic.