MystudioCalor, a connected ecosystem for daily hairstyling with MystudioCalor App, MystudioCalor Mirror, MyStudioCalor Tools.


Context & brief
SEB Group wants to explore new solutions enabling its users to return to a global experience that increases their knowledge of their hair and inspires their styles while respecting their hair typology. The goal is to accompany the daily care of the hair and to inspire our users of devices, accessories and cosmetics in their hairdressing routines.


User & audience
While observing and interviewing our users, we identified too mains moments to explore: Utility hairdressing, quick styles for the week; and Pleasurable hairdressing, the moment to experiment and discover that happens usually during the weekends


Team & role
In collaboration with Marcelo Coelho, we defined the whole ecosystem with the product, digital, and service part.


MystudioCalor Mirror:
How do we turn our home mirror into a digital assistant? The MyStudio Smart Mirror adds an interactive graphical surface to an optically efficient reflective surface. Powered by an iPad, that provide the brains for the product, helped by a hand tracking sensor and a camera. It also features a very useful charging dock for your tablet device. The 2-way reflective film provides great mirror reflection on one side while allowing the light from the iPad to pass the other. The leather handle helps the user to position the mirror at the optimal angle to show its face, and also can be fixed straight, to help with an easier transportation of the product.


MystudioCalor App:
Available for Android and iOS devices, has three main functionalities:
• face recognition, which recognizes the shape of your face to provide personalized hairstyles recommendations;
• a personal data dashboard, that gives you a detailed analysis of the health conditions of your hair and also useful tips to grow the numbers up, based on the data captured by the MyStudio Smart Tools that you use;
• the augmented tutorials, which provide step by step instructions with animations that follow your face and hair position, to provide contextual guidance to the user.


MystudioCalor Tools:
The MyStudio line of tools consists of a Brush, a Curler, a Straightener and a Hairdryer, all of them with Bluetooth connectivity to gather and send data to the application. With all these collected data, the MyStudio application is able not only to provide you a personal hair care report every day, but also gives you relevant and custom advice to improve the health of your hair.


User interface & design
Simple and intuitive gestures are used to control the mirror, that has a hand tracking sensor, similar to a Leap Motion, embedded in its hardware. Since it is a technology people are not used to, for the first login the user is presented with a Walkthrough of the principal features on the homepage, to help to learn the usage of the gesture sensor. Through simple steps, richly illustrated by icons, arrows, and animations, the user is able to effortlessly discover and learn new hairstyles.