Move Up, My Daily Activity
A mobile and web application that aims to initiate and support obese teenager aged 11 to 16 years to physical activity in the sport-prescription. This project was carried out in partnership with the sports associations, and physicians of Nantes in the context of the Sport Santé Bien-être Program of Loire-Atlantique.


Context & brief
To situate the field study, one must know, one in three teenagers have an obesity problem, and more than one in three teenagers say they don’t play sports. The sedentary increases in our society linked to new lifestyles, and eating habits. Obesity appears as the new behavioral disease of young people. In this context, the law about sport-prescription appears as a solution to prevent this type of pathology. The goal for doctors and coach is to promote a change of lifestyle and perceive sport-prescription as a global approach to bring the teen to a good habit of life and health. MoveUp, my daily activity, it’s an app that aims to initiate and support the obese teenager to physical activity in the context of sport-prescription, with 3 goals: educate, support and sustain.


User & audience
We can identify different users with specifics objectives. So for the main user, the teenager, the objectives are to propose a new way to approach a daily physical activity, allow a playful approach, non-moralizing, and empower the user in the sport-program. For professionals, is to propose a personalized support on a long term, facilitate exchanges between the differents actors, allow a visualization of the activity of the teenager, the application becomes a dialogue tool during the differents appointments.


Design process
persona – wireframe – information architecture


User interface design
The application has to allow a friendly and playful identity, with easy, quick and motivational use, support by a non-intrusive technology like geolocalization.