Boulevarts aims to become a reference site for the promotion and sale of art works. The site aims to be an art marketplace where art lovers can buy pieces sold by artists, but also a social network allowing artists and lovers to build a community. A virtual gallery will also allow discovering pieces in full immersion.


Context & brief
My first goal was to elaborate the graphic identity of Boulevarts, and propose a continuity with the print and digital part with brand materials and website.


User & audience
The audience is related to the universe of art with art professionals, galleries, and art collectors. The brand wants to reflect accessibility, simplicity, and modernity, but also be an expert in this domain of marketplace and build a solid community of art lovers with her platform.


User interface & design
The website reflects the values of the brand, accessibility, simplicity, and modernity: only three colors are used, black and white are predominant to not disturb the readability of art piece, a round and modern typography is used to affirm a contemporary and friendly aesthetic.


Design process
The first step was to define clearly the value and the identity of the brand by the conception of the graphic chart. Then I worked on the differents materials as visit card, flyers, desk documents. The third step was the conception of the website with user journey, information architecture, wireframe, and final mockup.