Asëa is an interactive garden, where different modules of lamps and plants are fixed in the ceiling, reacting to the proximity of people and resembling a living environment.


Context & brief
Build an connected object with simple interaction using Arduino and 3D process in one week. We explored the “living object” theme, being inspired by organic forms that are possible to reproduce due to the 3d printing process. The connected plant reacts to proximity from people, changing the color to stronger hues when something gets close to it, resembling a living object.


User & audience
Researchers studied the effects of greenery on staff’s perceptions of air quality, concentration, and workplace satisfaction, and monitored productivity levels over subsequent months in two large commercial offices in the UK and The Netherlands, finding that can make staff happier and more productive.


Team & role
In collaboration with Marcelo Coelho, and the fabmake of Nantes we worked in the same time on the product, with 3D modeling, printing and assembling, and the coding part, on the Arduino circuit and code (led animation connected to luminosity captors).


Design process
Inspirations – Sketches – 3D printing – Coding – Welding