Airbnb Food

Airbnb Food
Airbnb Food it’s an application which proposes to discover the local food more easily. Airbnb hosts and travelers can propose their best discovery for the next travelers. You are in a supermarket, local market, or in the street, connect to your app, try the augmented reality, see some recommendations of travelers and hosts about specific ingredients. Discover, try, share… like a local: welcome home!


Context & brief
The idea was to propose a new way of experiencing food in connection with the Millennials segment. Airbnb Food supports the new positioning of the brand and aims to propose a travel «experience».


User & audience
The audience is related to Food & Travelers around this citation « la nourriture est l’essence du voyage » . The goal was to create a new way to discover food, by socializing, by sensing, by moving. It’s connected to specific users as a digital nomad, expat student or traveler.


Design process
The first step was to define a persona, result of real feedback of user, and build the product of Airbnb Food around the different expectations. I decided to illustrate the product around the history of Dimitri, a freelance and nomad designer. He has to live in India for 2 months and decides to rent a flat with Airbnb. It’s important for him to find the right place with an equipped kitchen, and be able to discover the typical dish of the country. After setting the context an user, I developed the architecture of information, wireframe and prototype to demonstrate the overall experience.


User interface & design
The app uses an immersive technology, augmented reality. You can see in real time the recommendations bubbles appearing, like the recommendations of last travelers. You have a direct access to the different recipes. The augmented reality works in all context, in the market, in the street, and also in the supermarket.

«Airbnb Food is an academic project with no objective of commercial exploration. All images and brands representing the proposed partners are used as an exercise and are the intellectual property of their respective owners.»